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 What is
Assistive Technology
for Cognition

Assistive Technology for Cognition

Any aide or combination of aides to assist with memory, planning, scheduling or other cognitive processes.

People with
Ordinary Cognition

easily use a combination of assistive technologies.

Computer, Notepad

Not so for many of us!

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 "I recognize that song...I remember it I think..."

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If Pam Peterson's rendition of "Memory" sounds familiar, chances are good that assistive technology has become part of your life.

This 3-minute YouTube video is recommended for building awareness about memory. It communicates better than anything else we know of, and best of all, it may leave you with a smile.

For a captioned version, CLICK HERE

For Youtube version, CLICK HERE

 Pam Peterson has graciously granted permission to include the captioned version here.
She retains all copyrights.
This is not an endorsement.
For awareness-building only.


The Cognitive Loop
If we experience
"glitches" in the
Cognitive Loop,
ordinary memory
aides can be useless

What should I capture? Due dates? Appointments? Names? Deadlines? Everything? Only important stuff?

How often? Whenever I think I might not remember something? Whenever something i important or time-sensitive? Every hour? Every minute?

Where should I put it? Notebook? Day planner? Desk calendar? Mobile device? Computer? Sticky note? On anything I can find?

How will I find it? Digital calendar? Keyword search? Labeled folder? Computer file name? E-mail search? Look in a pile of notes I put on my desk?
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What Happens
when we are able to...

• Make notes quickly

• Add images quickly

• Find everything quickly

• Have one app that does it all

People Jumping

Let Me Check My NotesRegistered Trademark does not require an
ordinary working
memory to learn or use.

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